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If you are charged with a criminal offence or under investigation, I can help you. I have been a criminal lawyer for over twenty years, working both for defence and prosecution. I know the criminal justice system inside and out, and achieve excellent results. My office is in downtown Ottawa; or, attend one of my other interesting meeting places. Telephone appointments are also very popular. Life is short. Get advice fast and feel better.

How I Can Help You - A Sampling of My Specialised Legal Services

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Written by Lisa Christian / Ottawa Criminal Lawyer / (613) 203-4874

Need to see me in Ottawa soon? Today, October 7, I can meet with you at 1:00 or 1:30, downtown. Just give me a call. 

Welcome to Christian Law Offices. I established this Ottawa Law Firm in 1987 with a mandate to help regular people. I continue to expand the legal services I offer, always in areas of law where I know I can provide you with exceptional representation. In the context of providing those services, I look for ways to enhance your 'client experience'. I've recently become conveniently and affordably mobile. I see clients in various interesting locations, including at my office in downtown Ottawa. And of course technology allows me to help you wherever you are. In addition, I now have a daily 'urgent advice' schedule - for your convenience, I keep an emergency time slot open every day from 7pm to 8pm (book before 7pm on the same day by calling me at 613.203.4874).

You would benefit from my special expertise for a defence to criminal charges, or for other legal issues that may overlap with the criminal justice system or other types of investigations. My broad knowledge of many areas of law, combined with over twenty years of experience defending and prosecuting criminal cases, means you get a unique mix of expertise that is perfect for many obvious, or subtle, legal problems. Here are just some ways I will help you. Defending criminal charges or other accusations from governing bodies or police officers against Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or foreign nationals. See examples of charges I defend by clicking here.

  1. Clarifying the current state of the law and defining all of the issues for you after you have researched on your own - all in one consultation. As a related service, I can prepare you for and coach you through your case when you take a do-it-yourself approach to the law. 
  2. Providing consulting services that help you with travel to the United States. Read more about crossing borders with criminal records by clicking here.
  3. Advising on whether you should seek a Record Suspension. Read more about that by clicking here.
  4. Advising on how to handle employment applications or new security requirements for a criminal record background check. Government employees - will you be embarrassed by these new rules? 
  5. Obtaining or responding to documents from the government, including the Canada Revenue Agency, or the police on your behalf, so you achieve your goals effectively and quickly without providing authorities with information that could be used against you. 
  6. Creating novel approaches for a problem you may think is hopeless. Make sure you really have explored all of your options. If yours is a criminal-related problem, I will be able to provide valuable input.
  7. Offering emotional and moral support in concrete ways such as providing you with tools I created specifically for you, like this one.

Are You In Ottawa Criminal Court or Under Investigation?

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Written by Lisa Christian / Ottawa Criminal Lawyer / (613) 203-4874

If you are charged or under investigation by the government or police, you may be having some of the thoughts below. You can speak to me about your worries, and I'll let you know which of these anxieties are justified, and what I can do to get you the best possible result for your situation.

Worried about how charges will effect your family law situation, regarding child custody or support payments? I am knowledgable in the area of family law, especially where it intersects with criminal law.

Worried about losing your job, or ability to qualify for work such as government contracts? I can advise you on how to keep or find work when you are charged or convicted.


Outdoor Legal Appointments

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Written by Lisa Christian / Ottawa Criminal Lawyer / (613) 203-4874

They're back till the snow flies! My unique 'open air' legal appointments. I took this picture a few years ago, on one of my outdoor excursions. You can see another of my 'stump shots' by clicking here.

Take a twenty-five minute drive to one of my outdoor meeting places. Birch You will have privacy, anonymity, fresh air, and an atmosphere in which you can relax. That is conducive to a good meeting, and helps you to remember what we discuss. Outdoor appointments are available most days of the week, and include a back-up plan for rainy days. There is plenty of free and convenient parking.

Free-range meetings are also available at other locations. I know some great spots, some of which are only a fifteen minute drive from downtown.

Traditionalist? We can meet at my office in downtown Ottawa, or elsewhere.


Canadian Criminal Code Charges I Defend Most Frequently

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Written by Lisa Christian / Ottawa Criminal Lawyer / (613) 203-4874

I personally defend people charged with all types of offences, or they may just need advice. Often, their problems relate to entering another country when they have a criminal background. Sometimes people who ask me to help them have no criminal records; sometimes they do. Usually, I am able to get the charge withdrawn, so it never reaches the stage of trial or sentencing - which is the best possible result. I also negotiate frequently with the police and prosecutor so that investigations of individuals do not lead to criminal charges. I will let you know if these options may be possible for your case, too.

The charges I see most frequently are listed on the expertise page, which you can see by clicking here.  You may also be interested in my article FAQ.


Types of Consultations Available for Criminal Law in Canada

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Written by Lisa Christian / Ottawa Criminal Lawyer / (613) 203-4874

Prompt and deft response to legal emergencies, reparation of problem situations, strategic advice from the point of police investigation and throughout your legal journey - I've got you covered, no matter what stage your case is at. Below are links that will give you information about some of the most popular types of consultations I offer. 

Telephone Meetings - Useful for clients who have a legal problem in Ottawa, but are located elsewhere in Canada, the United States, or indeed anywhere in the world. Ideal also for Ottawa homebodies, and people wanting same-day advice. 

Comprehensive In-Person Meetings - When possible for you, we meet in person to discuss your particular situation in detail and come up with solutions.

Foreign National and Permanent Resident Criminal Consultation - This special consultation blends the expert criminal law advice you need with a strategy that takes into account the long-term and short-term immigration consequences of your unique situation. 


Free and New on the Website

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Written by Lisa Christian / Ottawa Criminal Lawyer / (613) 203-4874

 NEW! Now you can buy my 'Guide to How to Hire a Lawyer'. This short e-book includes such topics as:

  • Common Feelings Held by New Clients
  • How to Find the Right Lawyer for Your Case
  • Guard Your Lawyer's Ego
  • Your Goal at the First Consultation and What to Expect Going Forward
  • Why Your Positive Traits and Aptitudes are Pitfalls When Dealing with Lawyers
  • Fee Structures
  • Sample Client Kit
  • Sample Retainer Agreement

The cost of the Guide is $20.00. Order it by giving me a call.

NEW! Assistance with Applications for Refugee Sponsorship.

"It's Criminal!" Issue #2 Newsletter Hot Off the Press - call me for a free copy

Issue #2 includes:

  1. Mental Health Law - Being Detained in a Psychiatric Facility Against Your Will
  2. The Pinkification of Law
  3. Q & A - Should I Provide My Name and Date of Birth When Asked by a Police Officer?
  4. Three Ways to Stay Off the Radar

You'll find all that inside, and more.

"It's Criminal!" Issue #1 Newsletter - call me for a free copy

Issue #1 includes:

  1. The One Rule of Evidence That Everyone Knew Has Been Obliterated
  2. Background Checks for Work - Previous Offences
  3. Q & A - How Far Can I Go to Directly Help the Homeless?
  4. Special Offers And Announcements

Record Suspension Tool 

I've created an important tool to help clients achieve successful Record Suspension Applications to the Parole Board. It is a 4-page paper called 'How to Get and Use Persuasive Character Reference Letters for a Record Suspension Application', and includes specific guidelines for your references to follow. This is a free aid I give to all my clients who are experiencing this complex application process.


Website Terms of Use and Disclaimer

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Written by Lisa Christian / Ottawa Criminal Lawyer / (613) 203-4874

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