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Are you charged with an offence, under investigation, or otherwise having troubles with any level of the Canadian government? As a criminal law lawyer, I can help you. I worked as an Assistant Crown Attorney for two years, and now as Criminal Defence Counsel for nineteen years. Call me at 613.203.4874 to talk to me about your situation; this discussion is complimentary and confidential. I welcome your call, even on weekends and evenings. 

The Trinity of Law / La Trinité du Droit

Your best chance of success is to access my extensive experience and skill in all three areas of courtroom litigation, legal writing, and negotiations. 

Types of Consultations Available for Criminal Law in Canada

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Written by Lisa Christian / Ottawa Criminal Lawyer / (613) 203-4874

Prompt and deft response to legal emergencies, reparation of problem situations, strategic advice from the point of police investigation and throughout your legal journey - I've got you covered, no matter what stage your case is at. Below are links that will give you information about the most popular types of consultations I offer. I take in other types of cases as well, so call me at 613.203.4874 if you are wondering whether I can help you.

Initial Telephone Call to determine if I can help you - free

Telephone Meetings - Useful for clients who have a legal problem in Ottawa, but are located elsewhere in Canada, the United States, or indeed anywhere in the world. Ideal also for Ottawa homebodies, and people wanting same-day advice. 

Comprehensive In-Person Meetings


Canadian Criminal Code Charges I Defend Most Frequently

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Written by Lisa Christian / Ottawa Criminal Lawyer / (613) 203-4874

At Christian Criminal Law office, you are always represented directly by the owner/operator of the firm, Lisa Christian. Other advantages are explained in my article FAQ. Tell me your situation and I'll tell you how I can help. I defend people charged with all types of offences, or they may just need advice. Sometimes people who ask me to help them have no criminal records; sometimes they do. 

Usually, I am able to get the charge withdrawn, so it never reaches the stage of trial or sentencing - which is the best possible result. I also negotiate frequently with the police and prosecutor so that investigations of individuals do not lead to criminal charges. I will let you know if these options may be possible for your case, too.

Generally speaking, these are the charges I see most frequently:

  • Assault, including partner assault
  • Drug Offences
  • Fraud/Theft, including at the workplace
  • Obstruct Justice/Mischief
  • Impaired Driving
  • Weapons Offences and Applications


Free and New On The Website

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Written by Lisa Christian / Ottawa Criminal Lawyer / (613) 203-4874

Free 9-point Criminal Law Legal Health Check-up Tip Sheet

Every now and then, it is good to take stock of your criminal law legal health. This tip sheet helps you to review whether it is time to get legal advice. To order it, just give me a call at 613.203.4874.

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Papers and E-Books Available With Initial Consultation - authored by Lisa Christian

Going Through The Criminal Justice System 

Impaired Driving Offences

How To Get And Use Persuasive Character Reference Letters For Court


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