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If you are charged with a criminal or tax offence, or under investigation by any level of government or government agency, I can help you. I have been a criminal lawyer in Ottawa for over twenty years, working both for defence and prosecution. I know the criminal justice system inside and out, and achieve excellent results for you.

Tip of the month: If you require your employees to provide a records check, make sure you understand all the different types and levels of checks that are available. I can help you choose the checks that are important for your enterprise. And if you are the employee, I can help you manage these requests.

Appointment Schedule for the week of June 27, 2016

Written by Lisa Christian / Ottawa Criminal Lawyer / (613) 203-4874

Available appointments for personal meetings to receive legal advice or legal information (telephone consultations are always flexible):

Book through the website by using the email form on your right. Or, kick it old school and call me directly at 613.203.4874.

Monday, June 27 - 1:00pm; Ottawa 

Tuesday, June 28 - 10:15am; Ottawa

Wednesday, June 29 - 10:15am; Ottawa

Thursday, June 30 - Event day! I am holding an outdoor Gracious Thursdays Legal Clinic from 10:00 to 1:00. This event is for you if you have a criminal law related question that does not necessarily justify the full cost of hiring a lawyer, but is nonetheless troubling to you. Book your 30 minute consultation time in advance by calling me at 613.203.4874. What makes this event Gracious is that you set your own ticket price according to your means, and pay at the end of the consultation (one time use only, but even if you are already a client, you can benefit from it too!). Regular fees apply if you choose to go beyond the 30 minutes.

Friday, July 1 - telephone appointments only

If you would prefer a different time or location, I may be able to accommodate you.

Why all new clients start with a formal consultation: Hiring a lawyer is a big commitment. You should feel certain that your legal issue warrants involving a lawyer, and that you have chosen the right lawyer for your case. When you feel strongly about getting advice or representation for your situation, a consultation is a great way to sample what it is like to work with me. I charge fees for consultations where we discuss your legal issue because you get great value. After the consultation, you decide if you want to retain me further, to go deeper into your case. 

Gifts: All new client in-person appointments include a thank you gift. Choose among a music CD, a 'Christian Law Offices' pen, or a gift certificate for a discount on a night at a B&B. Read more about gifts at FAQ.


Outdoor Legal Appointments

Written by Lisa Christian / Ottawa Criminal Lawyer / (613) 203-4874

My unique 'open air' legal appointments are on again for a third season. This year I've added the option of a 'walk with me' appointment, and it has worked out very well.

Take a twenty minute drive to one of my outdoor meeting places. Birch You will have privacy, anonymity, fresh air, and an atmosphere in which you can relax. That is conducive to a good meeting, and helps you to remember what we discuss. Outdoor appointments are available most days of the week, and include a back-up plan for rainy days. There is plenty of free and convenient parking.

Free-range meetings are also available at other locations. 

Traditionalist? We can meet at my office in downtown Ottawa, or in the Byward Market.


Types of Consultations Available for Criminal Law in Canada

Written by Lisa Christian / Ottawa Criminal Lawyer / (613) 203-4874

I respond quickly to legal emergencies, and I give you strategic advice whether or not you are facing a trial. Working together starts with a consultation. Below are links that will give you information about some of the most popular types of consultations I offer.

Telephone Meetings - Useful for clients who have a legal problem in Ottawa, but are located elsewhere in Canada, the United States, or indeed anywhere in the world. Ideal also for Ottawa homebodies, and people wanting same-day advice. 

Comprehensive In-Person Meetings - When possible for you, we meet in person to discuss your particular situation in detail and come up with solutions.

Foreign National and Permanent Resident Criminal Consultation - This special consultation blends the expert criminal law advice you need with a strategy that takes into account the long-term and short-term immigration consequences of your unique situation.


Canadian Criminal Code Charges I Defend Most Frequently

Written by Lisa Christian / Ottawa Criminal Lawyer / (613) 203-4874

I defend people charged with all types of offences, or they may just need advice. Sometimes people who ask me to help them have no criminal records; sometimes they do. Usually, I am able to get the charge withdrawn, so it never reaches the stage of trial or sentencing - which is the best possible result. I also negotiate frequently with the police and prosecutor so that investigations of individuals do not lead to criminal charges. I will let you know if these options may be possible for your case, too.

The charges I see most frequently are listed on the expertise page, which you can see by clicking here.


Free and New on the Website

Written by Lisa Christian / Ottawa Criminal Lawyer / (613) 203-4874

NEW! 8 Ways to do Volunteer or Employee Character Checks: If you are an employer, or in charge of signing up volunteers, have you met your legal responsibilities to properly evaluate your people? Call me and I'll send you this 2-page list of eight checks you can do to reduce your liability and protect the people you serve. The cost is $30, including taxes.

Free Tip Sheet: 'Top Four Questions to Ask Your Prospective Lawyer'

Discover what they are and why they are important. The 'Top Four' apply to all situations, whether your legal issues are criminal or civil, large or small, or located anywhere in Canada. They address practical issues and by asking them you will save money and have a more successful outcome to your legal problem. Order this 2-page PDF through the email form on your right, or give me a call at 613.203.4874.

Free Newsletter:  Director's Personal Liability for corporate taxes. Order it by giving me a call.

Fresh website content, about witnesses: Read my new article about how witness' behaviour on the stand can effect their credibility, and what I do about it.


Website Terms of Use and Disclaimer

Written by Lisa Christian / Ottawa Criminal Lawyer / (613) 203-4874

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